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Indeed, “Trend tool” is really the actual nonlag mum (not additional method round). Great capture, LongBar. This simply repaints in reverse through 1 club since the default. Will not perform a lot harm, or even you are able to arranged this in order to 0 repaint. 3 LEVEL SEMAFOR REPAINT obviously tend to be super repainters, however We begin to see the concept here’s in order to a minimum of verify all of them having a fast/robust MUM change. Great idea, mt2414.

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Perhaps MTF semaphors can help. I discovered a few signal on their behalf, however it fails. Perhaps Hayseed, and so on., may repair it. Simply a concept. An additional concept: do not allow it to be a good SAR (stop as well as reverse/always within the market) EA, however place a good leave visit simply below/above golf swing low/hi associated with final verified Semaphor (the 1 having a nonlag mum turn). You will have very couple of losers, because Hayseed’s graph over exhibits, although not large losers and also the program will not become the glorified Martingale program associated with burying your self falling a huge pattern which retains operating towards a person prior to this becomes.
It’ll have to supply on the varying pair/timeframe, or even in the event that captured with a large pattern day time, wish (LOL) how the reduced precision from the program is going to be offest through 1 large counterswing or even end-of-trend trade/big change. Misc. an additional believed: an additional feasible method of taking a look at something such as this is actually it could very well end up being seen as an nonlag MA change program, however 1 in which the submit the actual MA is just used whenever costs (qua the actual yellow-colored semaphor) tend to be overbought/oversold (this mum is actually quick sufficient this is actually viable). Therefore the nonlag MUM might be viewed as the main concentrate, using the Semaphors like a filtration system, LOL. Type of switching points on the mind, however the techniques tend to be realistically equal.

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